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Relief From Your Elbow Pain

Elbow conditions have become increasingly popular over the past several months. While elbow pain is typically thought of as a sports injury, such as tennis or golfers elbow, however there are other elbow conditions out there that occur from everyday activity. At Motus, our goal is not only to treat the patient’s injury (no matter …

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Back Pain Solutions

Lower back pain is one of the more common body ailments these days. While some lower back conditions are temporary and subside quickly by reducing activity, icing and using pain medication, others become more serious, chronic conditions that affect your ability to work, play and comfortably interact in society. Surgery is not always an option …

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A Guide for Wrist Exercises at Home

Suffering from wrist pains? There are several conditions out there that lead to pain and discomfort in the wrist and base of the thumb. Some of these conditions include: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Osteoarthritis Tendonitis Wrist Sprains While not all wrist disorders can be corrected with therapy or bracing, it can often be the first course …

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Hand Pains Caused By Your Desk Job

COVID-19 has brought a time of challenges and struggles to the world. Among these struggles is the ability to work from home full time. Many Americans across the country find themselves unable to return to the office and striving to find a way to work from home. Whether your job has always been stationed at …

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