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Let me tell you a story...

How we got here

Motus Rehabilitation was born in March of 1987. We founded this company with one idea in mind; improving the therapy process. We wanted to find a way for patients to see their doctors and therapists in the same building and in most instances, on the same day. So we created a team who is focused on collaboration and putting patients first.

Our goal is to help our patients return to work and doing what they love in a safe and timely manner. We do whatever we can to ensure patients receive the personalized care they deserve. This collaboration allows for a unique treatment course that begins with the physician, and transitions to the therapy team.

At Motus Rehabilitation, our staff takes the time to review and answer questions regarding treatment options, expected outcomes, and insurance coverage and payments.

We are your partner in the healing process, helping you safely return to work and to your daily routine.

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Did you know?

Our orthotics team treats non-local patients. Mail us impressions and pictures of the injured area and we will send you a custom orthotics device within a few days. All without even coming into our office.