Occupational Therapy

A Personalized Approach

Motus Rehabilitation offers a personalized approach to the management and prevention of work-related injuries. Many of our therapists are Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) who have proven their expertise through years of practice and examinations in occupational therapy. We are qualified to help you heal.

In order to get you back to work and feeling better, we create a custom recovery plan specific to your injury, job requirements, and daily activities. We take pride in making sure you get the personalized care that you deserve, making modifications as necessary to fit your needs. 

Not sure if you can afford treatment? As a courtesy, we check your benefits and give you an estimate of what your out of pocket costs might be to make the recovery process less stressful.

What to Expect

During your first visit, our occupational therapists will evaluate your injury and learn what work-related and daily activities are challenging or painful for you. We determine if your injury is affecting your motion, strength, or sensations. Based on your diagnosis, we create a customized treatment plan to help you heal.

At the beginning of each occupational therapy session, we warm the area to make stretching easier and ensure you are not experiencing pain during treatment. We give you exercises and stretches that improve motion and strengthen the muscles. Each week we evaluate your progress from the therapy sessions and home exercises. We will adapt our treatment plan if necessary.

We are your partner throughout the recovery process, helping you to heal and return to work.

What We Treat

Where We Treat

Occupational Therapy at Motus Rehabilitation is offered throughout Southeast Michigan:

Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation is a service provided through our occupational therapy program. It is designed to prepare our patients for a safe return to work and be able to properly perform their job duties. Our work rehabilitation program is customized to a patient’s specific work restrictions to help them get back to work and not experience pain. We work closely with case managers, keeping them informed about the patient’s progress and outcomes.

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