Why Motus?

Reasons to Choose Us

  1. You Get a Team

    Our therapists, physicians, and staff work together so you have the best possible recovery, healing, and outcome. Our team is committed to providing the best quality and service.

  2. Continuum of Care

    One of the biggest problems patients face is being sent to multiple locations. We don’t do that. Unlike most therapy places, our doctors and therapists work together, in the same building. At Motus Rehabilitation, you get the best continuum of care from start to finish.

  3. Board-Certified Hand Therapists

    We have a team of board-certified hand therapists. We don’t just say we are qualified. We have proven it. Through years of practice and examinations, we have demonstrated our expertise in hand therapy. Don’t believe us? Check out our qualifications here.


Did you know?

Therapy helps you heal after surgery and in some cases, it can be a substitute to surgery. Doing the essential exercises and stretches helps heal, prevent future injuries, and reduce pain in other parts of your body.

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