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Continuum of care

Orthotics requires out of the box thinkers to find unique solutions for each patient. We create all of our custom orthotics in house and keep an extensive supply of prefabricated orthotics which makes our continuum of care something you won’t find anywhere else. The same person who evaluates you, makes your device, and then fits it to you. Our level of craftsmanship is unmatched and our outcomes reflect that.

Some orthotics facilities are concerned with keeping the cheapest braces on their shelf to get the highest reimbursement. We aren’t. We get the best products for our patients. No matter what.

Not sure if you can afford treatment? As a courtesy, we check your benefits and give you an estimate of what your out of pocket costs might be to make the recovery process less stressful

What to Expect

In your first visit, we will evaluate your injury, your pain, and how long you have been symptomatic. We walk you through several range of motion and manual muscle tests to determine the best solution for your unique situation.

Prefabricated Orthotics

If you can be treated with a prefabricated device, then you will be. The prefabricated process is simple. You come in, we fit the device to you, and you are out the door. If you don’t fit one of our prefabricated devices, we will make a custom orthotics piece that is specific to your body.

Custom Orthotics

We start by taking an impression of the injured area. We then create the device in house. No need to send it off to a lab. Our goal is to have you back in our office to be fitted in your piece within 24-48 hours. During your fitting appointment, we make sure the device is functional, comfortable and that you leave happy.

What We Treat

Our experienced Orthotists are happy to address any questions and concerns you may have. Message us or call the appointment hotline.

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Did you know?

The industry average turnaround time for custom orthotics is three weeks. Depending on the product, we can create your custom device in 24-48 hours. How? Unlike other orthotics facilities, all our products are made in house.