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Physical Therapy Dearborn, MI

When it comes to physical therapy, Dearborn can depend on Motus Rehabilitation. The physical therapists at Motus are dedicated to helping you get back to the activities you love. Whether you’re recovering from a sport injury or major surgery, we can help you regain mobility and reduce your pain.

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22731 Newman, Ste. 100B
Dearborn, MI 48124

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Our physical rehabilitation services

At the Dearborn location, Motus Rehabilitation offers the following services.

Physical Therapy

We are your partner in the recovery process. Motus physical therapists offer a treatment plan tailored to you and your routine. We use stretches and exercises to decrease your pain, improve your range of motion, and strengthen muscles.

Occupational Therapy

Get back to the daily activities that you love. Our occupational therapists will help you get back to work and play. Our Dearborn clinic is also staffed by a Certified Hand Therapist. Our Occupational Therapists will modify exercises to fit your needs and limit discomfort.


We make all of our orthotics in-house. You won’t find this kind of care anywhere else. The same person will evaluate you, make the device, and fit it to you. We get the best products for our patients. No matter what.

Hand Therapy

Our Dearborn office is staffed by certified hand therapists. CHTs are specialized occupational therapists with experience in treating every type of condition that affects the hands. Regaining motion and reducing pain are critical to returning to work and the activities that you love. Our Dearborn hand therapists will create a treatment plan designed to get you back to your daily activities.

Conditions treated

Our physical therapy staff treats a wide variety of conditions. Many patients see us for rehabilitation from a sports injury. Others have painful conditions resulting from work. Here are a few examples of what we treat at our Dearborn physical therapy clinic:



The Motus Dearborn Staff

Meet the therapists at our Dearborn location:


Candice Diegel-Hacker

Revenue Coordinator


Lina Muneimneh

Therapy Tech


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