Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Sometimes an injury causes more than just pain. It prevents people from providing for their families. Industrial rehabilitation is therapy designed to get people back to work. Occupational therapists use exercises that simulate job activities. If you have been injured and are trying to return to work, Motus can help.


Learn how Motus Rehabilitation helps people return to work after an injury. Sometimes an injury causes many more problems than pain. It prevents people from providing for their families. For jobs that demand specific physical tasks, an injury can be devastating. Industrial rehabilitation is therapy designed to get people back to work. We do this with exercises that simulate the tasks patients complete at work.

Who needs industrial rehabilitation?

Anyone who has been injured may be a candidate for industrial rehabilitation.

Industrial rehabilitation is recommended by a doctor.

When a patients job is physically challenging, this type of rehabilitation is ideal.

How does industrial rehabilitation work?

The first step to industrial rehabilitation is to find out what a patient can and cannot do.

To do this, we perform a functional capacity evaluation (FCE). This timed test shows the therapist how well a patient can complete the tasks needed to return to work.

After the FCE, a therapist will create a plan to improve strength and movement.

Patients can expect 3-6 hours of therapy per day during industrial rehabilitation. During that time, patients will do work conditioning based on their job functions. For example, firefighters might do exercises that simulate carrying a fire hose.

How does Motus check for progress?

Our goal is to get our patients back to work. And our therapists work closely with patients and case managers to make it happen.

We make sure that patients don’t overdo it.

Straining too much during therapy can cause re-injury. That would keep somebody away from work for even more time.

We perform the functional capacity evaluation.

This test is used to find out how much progress a patient is making.

We check for permanent work restrictions.

Sometimes a patient isn’t able to go back to their job. We will let case managers know what the patient can and can’t do.

We work closely with case managers.

Employers are eager to find out if their employee can return to work. We keep case managers up to date on the patient’s progress.

Contact Motus for more information

If you think that industrial rehabilitation is a good fit for you or one of your employees, contact Motus. We can give you more information about the program, as well as next steps.

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