Must Have Items From Our Online Store To Help You Heal!

Splints and braces are common item that doctors and/or therapists recommend while recovering from various hand and orthopedic conditions. At Motus, all of our hand clinics have the ability to create custom splinting for patients tailored to your body and specific needs (you can learn everything you need to know about splinting here). However, custom splinting requires a prescription from a physician and authorization by insurance.

To help patients achieve a similar result without the strict requirements, Motus has created an online store full of products and prefabricated devices that we do not already stock in office. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products from our online store and have outlined their uses to make easing your hand issues a no brainer!

Comfort Cool® Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

Basal Joint (Thumb) Arthritis is an increasingly common condition more often found in women. This form of Arthritis is found at the base of the thumb, leading to pain, swelling and loss of motion or weakness at the thumb. Wearing a wrist brace, such as the Comport Cool CMC (meaning carpometacarpal) is an excellent choice for limiting movement in the thumb while still providing soft and flexible support, resulting in minimal functional limitation.

Shear Stop Gloves

For patients who currently suffer from or have previously been treated for Carpal Tunnel or Trigger Finger, these padded gloves are the way to go! The gloves will help with your hand grip and support, making them a terrific choice for work and leisure. We recommend using them during an array of activities, like bike/motorcycle riding, weight lifting or moving of supplies at work and home. They can also be worn while using hand and power tools.

Topigel Silicone Gel

The appearance of post-surgical scars getting you down? Look no further!

Topigel Silicone pads are our recommendation for post-op/ sutured lacerations for scar remodeling. After sutures out and wound fully closed, these pads can be cut down to your necessary size requirements and applied directly over the scar. Wearing Topigel pads can result in a scar that is smoother and less visible in appearance. For more information on scar management, you can check out another blog that we have written all about scar treatment.

Comfort Cool D-Ring Wrist Orthosis

For those with a wrist condition, such as a Wrist Fracture or Carpal Tunnel, why don’t you give the Comfort Cool D-Ring Wrist Orthosis? This device provides wrist support and limits movement, which is what you need with the associated conditions. After a day full of working, typing, cooking, exercising etc., many patients choose to sleep in the brace as part of their recovery after surgery or to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Since you do not need to use your wrist while sleeping, it helps give the wrist a break, providing support while also preventing you from bending your wrist in an unwanted position while asleep. This item is also great for pregnant women who are experiencing Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel.

Norco Shoulder Pulley

If a shoulder condition is your issue, then we have the solution for you. The Norco Shoulder Pulley is everything needed to perform range of motion exercises at home. Attach the pulley in a standard doorway and use it to help stretch a frozen shoulder or for increasing range of motion after Rotator Cuff surgery. This item is easy to set up and use for all ages and the exercises can be performed while standing or seated.

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