Why Physical Therapy is Important

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, can benefit from physical therapy and the skilled workers who oversee it.

Physical therapists are well educated to work with people of all ages and abilities, whether they are recovering from surgery, or trying to recover from a condition that causes pain and limits your ability to move.

Reduce or eliminate pain

When you have an injury, the level of pain you experience can feel agonizing. With physical therapy, one of the goals is to alleviate pain so you can think and function well in day-to-day life.

Your therapist will know several exercises to mobilize your joints and soft tissues and restore joint and muscle function.

These treatments help in the short term, as pain subsides, and in the long term, as you gain the strength and alignment to avoid future discomfort.

Heal without dependency on opioids

People who are injured or are recovering from surgery sometimes manage their pain by taking opioid drugs.

These prescription pills can be used in healthy ways and serve a role in pain-management, but people who take them are at risk of addiction or overdose.

Physical therapy reduces pain. The American Physical Therapy Association notes that it is one of many ways that pain can be managed to lessen the need for prescription pain medication.

Avoid surgery or additional procedures

Physical therapy can be popular for post-surgery treatment, but it can also be used before or instead of surgical procedures.

With pre-surgical therapy, you get a therapist’s help to reach your best possible health, and this matters because healthier bodies tend to recover more quickly from surgery.

This option also gives you an early start on your post-surgery work — you are strengthening your body in spots that will need to support the vulnerable, recovering area.

In some cases, pre-surgical physical therapy serves as a test period to see how your injury responds. If therapy accelerates your healing or makes your pain subside, then you may be able to avoid any additional procedures.

Restore motion and prevent re-injury after surgery

If you do go through surgery, then you may find that one your biggest recovery challenges is regaining your range of motion.

Everyday tasks are abnormally difficult because you do not have the same balance and flexibility you did before your procedure.

This is another way physical therapy can assist you — by building small-motor and large-motor muscle coordination and restoring mobility.

Restore motion and prevent re-injury after surgery

Do you think that physical therapy may help you reduce your pain and get you back to the activities you love? Contact us to learn how you can begin physical therapy with Motus Rehabilitation.

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