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Why Physical Therapy is Important

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, can benefit from physical therapy and the skilled workers who oversee it. Physical therapists are well educated to work with people of all ages and abilities, whether they are recovering from surgery, or trying to recover from a condition that causes pain and limits your ability to […]

Kids can get gamers thumb from playing video games for an extended period.

Gamer’s Thumb and Other Gaming Hand Injuries

Have you ever had a sore thumb after playing video games for 4 or 5 hours? You could be suffering from a repetitive stress injury nicknamed “gamer’s thumb.” In this post, we’ll answer a few common questions about gamer’s thumb. We’ll tell you how this condition can be treated, and how you can prevent it. […]


Why you should see a Certified Hand Therapist

At Motus Rehabilitation, we like to boast that each of our offices has a Certified Hand Therapist on staff. But what is a Certified Hand Therapist, and why should you ask to be referred to one?   What is a Certified Hand Therapist? A Certified Hand Therapist is an Occupational Therapist who has at least […]

Learn about the different types of pitching arm injuries.

Common Pitching Injuries in the Elbow and Shoulder

Pitchers from the pros on down to Little League are at risk of injury from repetitive use. In fact, 64% of parents recalled their children having arm pain as a result of pitching. Learn more about the common injuries caused by pitching. And learn how they can be prevented.   There are few feelings as […]

Typing on a computer all day may increase your chances of getting carpal tunnel.

How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a debilitating condition. It causes pain and limits both range of motion and strength in the hands, wrists, fingers, and forearms. The condition is largely related to work in which repetitive hand motions are the norm. Some occupations may increase your risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who type or […]

A patient receives physical therapy in Detroit MI.

Physical Therapy vs. Occupational Therapy

People often confuse physical therapy and occupational therapy. The difference between the two is their goal. Physical therapy focuses on improving mobility. Occupational therapy focuses on enabling patients to complete daily activities. This post highlights the similarities and differences of PT and OT.   It can be easy to confuse occupational and physical therapy. Each […]

Carpal Tunnel Woman 2

Occupational Therapy for Carpal Tunnel

There are few conditions as commonplace today as carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is often caused by overuse and repetitive motion with the fingers or hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the fingers, wrist, hand and forearm. Symptoms include tingling, numbness and pain. A range of surgical and nonsurgical treatments is available. In this post, we’re […]

Industrial rehabilitation is occupational therapy designed to get people back to work after an injury.

Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Sometimes an injury causes more than just pain. It prevents people from providing for their families. Industrial rehabilitation is therapy designed to get people back to work. Occupational therapists use exercises that simulate job activities. If you have been injured and are trying to return to work, Motus can help.   Learn how Motus Rehabilitation […]


Bowler’s Elbow and Other Common Bowling Injuries

Do you have pain after bowling? Read on to learn about common bowling injuries, how they are treated, and how to prevent them.   Is bowling becoming a pain in the arm? Pain can often keep bowlers from one of their favorite weekly activities. And injuries can affect work life as well. If you’ve got […]


How to Avoid Injury While Biking

Bikers may experience hand pain and decreased grip strength. There are a variety of ways to protect oneself from these symptoms.

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