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Recovering After an Elbow Fracture

Elbow fractures are a common injury, particularly among athletes and the elderly. Recovering from an elbow fracture requires a combination of medical treatment, physical or occupational therapy, and consistency at home. This guide aims to help patients understand the recovery process and tips to ensure a successful rehabilitation.   Understanding Elbow Fractures Elbow fractures can […]

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Common Golfing Injuries

When the weather is nice, chances are the golf course will be busy. Whether you’re on a league, playing for leisure in your spare time or golfing with a group for a party, the course is a great spot for fun, exercise and socialization. That doesn’t mean golf doesn’t come with its own risks to

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Common sports injuries to avoid this spring

Spring sports are on their way and along with sports, come sports injuries. Whether you’re a young athlete or a weekend hobby player, we’ll break down some of the most common springtime sports injuries and will offer some tips on how to avoid these injury to stay in the game. Tennis Tennis elbow is the

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